Acing Evil
Acing Evil = Vigilance
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The Aces
Streetsmart Cyber-Security
Hackers Share Their Prey
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Everyone Knows Of A Company
Whose Computer Network Has Been Hacked,
Or Found Vulnerable To Attack.
This Statement Says It All.
We're All At Risk!


Everytime Your Web Servers Look Into Cyberspace...
Some Evil People Are Looking Back At Them
And Attempting To Finesse Your Firewall.
Every IP On Either Side Of Your Firewall
Is A Potential Peep-hole for Prying Eyes
And Sticky Fingers Grabbing Data...
Perhaps Even Insiders, hooking-in.
 -  It's A Scary Thought  -

That Is...
Until You Know About 

"Acing Evil"

John David Sottile
"Acing Evil" is a security brand trademark of John David Sottile.
2004 --->>> John David Sottile / Acing Evil